Reaction: First Look at Will Smith as Genie in the 2019 Live Action ‘Aladdin’

Well, it’s here.

The live action adaptation many of us didn’t ask for.


The second teaser trailer was dropped by Disney during the Grammys on Sunday night, and this time it showed us what movie super star Will Smith looks like as the blue Genie.

I’ve got emotions concerning this.

Not many of them good. My video reaction below:

Overall, it really isn’t Will Smith’s fault. I’m not a fan of these cash cow Disney live action adaptations because, well, they feel like money grabs more than real artistic expression.

Why can’t they just remaster the original animated movie or, better yet, make it look like Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse? Now THAT film is the future of animation, and maybe cinema as we know it.

Also, I don’t even think they sing in this live action movie. I hope I’m wrong on that, because I think this film needs a saving grace, and some good interpretations of the song classics we’ve come to know from the franchise MIGHT help.

MIGHT being the key word here.

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