Reaction: ‘Child’s Play’ 2019 Remake Official Movie Trailer

The mysterious teaser trailer for the Child’s Play 2019 remake has arrived, and I’ve got questions.

Child’s Play is an upcoming slasher flick that is a remake of the 1988 original film of the same name. Chucky is back, but he feels… different. That may also be because the original creator of Chucky, Don Mancini, is not involved in the remake, and also didn’t want it to happen for valid reasons.

Yet, the studio that owns the rights to the original movie, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), have pushed on with the remake. It is being directed by Lars Klevberg and written by Tyler Burton Smith, and stars Gabriel Bateman, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Tim Matheson.

We now have our first look and it’s… interesting. The creepy/scary factor is high in this teaser trailer, which gives me hope that although it may not be the same vibe as the original franchise, it will still be a solid horror film about a creepy doll.

Or will it?

The trailer doesn’t let us actually hear Chucky, or determine if it’s just one doll that will come to life, as we see a toy store, and all the people in it, plunged into dangerous chaos.

Could they be changing Chucky’s origin story?

Check out the full video of my reaction to the new trailer, and let me know what you think!

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