Season 2 of DC Universe ‘Titans’ trailer is here: Will we see more of Starfire and Beast Boy?

So DC Universe finally released a teaser trailer of the upcoming season 2 of Titans.

Some observations from the trailer:

  1. The core four from season 1 of course are there, Gar (Beast Boy), Kory (Starfire), Dick (Nightwing/ Old!Robin), and Rachel (Raven). There’s also snippets of Donna (Wonder Girl), Dawn (Dove), Hank (Hawk), and Jason Todd (New!Robin).
  2. New additions are Connor Kent (Superboy), his dog, Deathstroke, and Aqualad.
  3. Donna and Kory look like they’re teaming up to face off with some pink haired woman.
  4. Dick is seen talking with Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  5. No sight of Trigon

My predictions:

  1. The scenes with Aqualad are flashbacks to the previous team of Titans. Mainly because of the snippet we see of Rachel and Dick where Rachel asks him if their new team is Titans 2.0.
  2. Superboy will probably have some solo episode(s) as I don’t see him immediately running into the Titans any time soon, hence why we’ve gotten so much news about supporting characters associated with Superboy’s comic plotlines being cast.
  3. There is a clip of Kory with her season 1 curly hair. We know that her new look is straight hair (and it looks AMAZING), so my prediction is season 2 will pick up where Donna and Kory are attempting to get in the house to save Rachel, Dick, and Gar.

My thoughts/feelings overall?

We needed more Kory and Gar in this teaser trailer.

We also need more of them in season 2 overall.

Especially with the fact that there were PLENTY of viewers who vocalized online that, although they still were on board with watching Titans, wanted way more Kory and Gar in season 2.

Kory’s episode in season 1 was severely LACKING. I loved what we got of her, but while certain characters got FULL episodes when their name was in the title (looking at you Hawk and Dove) Kory’s episode was shared with Rachel and her (spoiler!) evil a** mother.

I also say this as a HUGE Batman fan: The show is called TITANS. Not “Batman/Nightwing and company.” I understand the allure to focus on Dick Grayson and his issues with being in Batman’s shadow, but Titans was a super popular comic book series, and it wasn’t mainly just focused on Nightwing/Dick.

It was an ensemble show, and season 1 of DC Universe’s Titans didn’t reflect that. And judging from some of the footage we may run into the same issue this season. Especially with so many new characters being introduced.

I’m holding out hope that my fear is unfounded.

There’s so much to explore regarding Kory/Starfire. She’s from a WHOLE OTHER PLANET.

I like Dick Grayson, but I don’t care for another season of him brooding about Batman. Hopefully there is some development where he is allowed to move on and grow as a person (*cough* and in his romantic relationship with Kory *cough* DickKory RIGHTS *cough*).

Overall, I’m excited about the new season and all the potential. I just hope it feels a bit more balanced this time around.

Check out the season 2 teaser trailer below. What do you think?:

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