Satanic Panic

How to make money and worship Satan?! The 2019 horror movie Satanic Panic has some thoughts on the matter.

The movie goes on about 20 minutes longer than it needs to, but Rebecca Romijn is in top form as the horror villain. There’s even some witty social commentary too!

Watch the full review for the pros, cons, triggers warnings, and my TWISTED final grade for Satanic Panic.


Reading is fundamental, and clearly very DEADLY.

The new Netflix original series Marianne embodies classic horror while simultaneously adding its own unique style. It’s terrifying, but somehow manages to also be loads of fun. Horror that has some joy? Ari Aster must be livid.

Watch my full spoiler-free review for the pros, cons, trigger warnings, and my Twisted Final Grade on the new series. Also, stick around towards the end if you’ve watched the series to hear why I think this series does NOT need a season 2.