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What does Black liberation look like under capitalism? August 3, 2016 – Winner of the ILCA 2017

As the nation continues to deal with the aftermath of the police murders of two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, along with the five officers shot and killed in Dallas, Texas, just days after, we are faced with America’s ever-present problem of racial oppression.

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The labor movement won’t survive if it doesn’t help Black women to thrive June 21, 2016 – Winner of the ILCA 2017

Black women are playing significant roles in shaping the direction of emerging social movements, movements that affect the criminal justice system and the rights of working people across the country. Black Lives Matter and Fight for $15 are just two of the influential campaigns intersecting with labor that African American women are leading. As African American civil rights and human rights activist Ella Baker once said, “Wherever there has been struggle, Black women have been identified with that struggle.” This holds just as strongly today.

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