The drama around ‘Joker’ is overblown, here’s why

A lot of the media keeps calling Joker controversial. Are they exaggerating? I reviewed the film, giving you my pros, cons, trigger warnings, and my twisted final grade!

Joker exposes the broken class system that creates its own monsters. Does the movie manipulate the viewer into sympathizing with a man descending into madness? Not exactly. Although the film walks a fine line between exploration and validation, Joker is ultimately an-in-your face examination of a broken system that creates its own monsters. It’s a gritty and morbidly beautiful journey with little comfort to spare, but many messages to mull over.

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  1. I knew nothing about Joker and the comic history but enjoyed the film, I think it projected how “throw away people” are related to by those who profess to be “sane” and what might be going on in the minds of some of the “throw aways” when some people and the system defecate on them. I am not a big fan of out of this world fantasy movies, but this movie was fantasy laced with a bit of realism.


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