Move over Bermuda Triangle: TV series about the Massachusetts Bridgewater Triangle in the works

“swamp gas” by mysteries illustrated is licensed under CC PDM 1.0 

In popular culture most people have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. A mysterious area in the ocean where planes and ships have disappeared, thought to be caused by supernatural phenomenon. Well, there’s a new killer triangle in town, and it wants its media representation! A television series about the Bridgewater Triangle, located in southern Massachusetts, is in development at FX network.

In an exclusive by Deadline it was revealed that FX has acquired The Bridgewater Triangle, a short story by Brian Miller. Television writer and producer Noah Hawley will be executive producer on the series.

The Bridgewater Triangle refers to an area of close to 200 square miles. There have been a range of stories associated with the area, from UFO sightings to Bigfoot. A historic landmark in the Bridgewater Triangle is Hockomock Swamp, whose name translates into “the place where spirits dwell.”

The premise for the developing series is as follows: Everyone’s heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but there’s a far more terrifying place known as The Bridgewater Triangle in southeastern Massachusetts. It’s an actual area of well-documented supernatural activity that covers 17 small towns and 200 square miles of New England. The Bridgewater Triangle is an apocalyptic horror thriller set in these small towns. When a massive paranormal event strikes these 17 communities simultaneously, it turns these idyllic towns upside down and affects thousands of lives. Three estranged siblings must somehow survive and come together in the chaos as the only ones who can stop it.

I’m all for horror shows that explore folklore and mythos that isn’t usually showcased in mainstream entertainment. This sounds like a fun way to get people interested in some spooky United States history.

Are you excited for the series? Do you think the Bridgewater Triangle may be even scarier than the Bermuda Triangle?

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