Thoughts: Toxic Fandoms and ‘Captain Marvel’ Review

The controversy around Captain Marvel has been a lot. At times the reactions to the movie has been both surprising and not so surprising.

One thing is for sure, is that it put into the spotlight (once again) how TOXIC some of these fandoms can truly be. Say what you want about Brie Larson’s words regarding the lack of women of color film/tv critics (which she’s actually right about), or if the Captain Marvel movie is actually any good, but I think what has been made clear from the onslaught of trolling and at times outright sexism on full display, is that fandoms can still be places where toxicity runs rampant.

It also shows again that the internet is filled with people who let their true thoughts and colors show because they can often times hide behind a computer screen.

I made a video.

I did it some days ago as a video review to Captain Marvel (which I thought was a solid film overall). Within this review I also thought it would be important to put into perspective the context and current happenings around the movie.

As someone who likes to ANALYZE content, more than simply say if I like something or if I don’t, I thought it would be important. I also gave my thoughts on the lack of representation of women of color when it came to film/tv criticism and access. For, there are a good amount of women of color who are aspiring or working critics, the issue also lies in not being allowed the same access to content as some of our white counterparts.

But I digress.

I made a video. It contained a mini-rant (that wasn’t really a rant at all but more so some thoughts on the issue).

The comment segment on youtube under my video basically proved my, and Brie Larson’s, POINT. The hostility against my video by some people was telling- but not surprising.

Some people don’t like the truth.

Others don’t really want to hear what others say, and would rather just yell their own views.

I still made my video.

And I’m glad I did. I’m also glad I wrote this article.

Art and content does not exist in a vacuum. They are always connected to something. Either to the status quo, or the challenging of it. Either to the exemplifying of something, or the erasure of it.

Nothing is apolitical.

This whole talk about “agenda” in Captain Marvel, as if none of the other MCU movies (or any movie for that matter) pushes an agenda, is being naive at best, deliberately obtuse at worst.

So, yeah, check out my video. I don’t regret it. The only thing I regret is not being even MORE direct in my agreement with Larson on the need to amplify certain voices, and decreasing how loud other voices often are.

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