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Celebrate the Return of Wakanda with “VIBRANIUM SOUND”

Celebrate the return of Wakanda with “VIBRANIUM SOUND.”

It will be an evening of DJ’s, performances, cosplay, FREE comics, graffiti and more!

The Jump Off Sound, Arckatron of KickSnareGo and NERDSoul have come together to organize a party honoring the first anniversary of T’Chala’s greatness on screen in Black Panther with an all ages event of music, food, and art.

The goal of the event is to foster a strong community through support for literacy and the arts with free comics for kids, and a donation to the KickSnareGo Academy that mentors youth through music.

When speaking about the event, organizer NERDSoul, (Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta), explained that, “Vibranium Sound is about using Hip Hop and Geek Culture to bring the community together, have some fun and do something to support the kids through literacy and art.”

Tickets and more information about the upcoming event can be found here.

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