First ‘Bird Box’ now ‘Reborn,’ Netflix and Sandra Bullock are set to collaborate on adaptation of sci-fi fantasy comic series

Mark Millar’s sci-fi comic book series Reborn is being made into a feature length film in collaboration with streaming giant Netflix and Hollywood star Sandra Bullock.

The story first broke in Deadline, where it was explained that Netflix and Millar are working on a live-action Reborn film. The film will be based on the most recent six-issues of the series. Chris McKay, the director of the (awesome!) LEGO Batman Movie is set to direct the feature. Sandra Bullock and Vertigo Entertainment will produce it.

Reborn tells the story of Bonnie, an 80-year-old woman who passes away only to wake up in a world called Adystria. Reborn in the prime of her life, Bonnie finds herself part of an eternal war in this new world.

There are also some murmurs that Bullock may star in the film herself. This might be a smart move, given Bullock’s star power, and her very recent Netflix hit with the horror film Bird Box.

And I’m always excited to see a woman led film, especially when the woman is kicking some monster butt!

Check out the Reborn comic book series with my link below:

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