Taraji P. Henson Is Kickass In The First “Proud Mary” Trailer


A week before the premiere of another badass woman warrior movie, Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron, comes the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Taraji P. Henson lead film, Proud Mary. The trailer is giving us all sorts of Foxy Brown meets The Long Kiss Goodnight feels, and we are loving it.

What’s also cool about this upcoming January movie, is that it stars Henson, who is no stranger to fame these days, but who we have yet to see in such an action-packed film where she is the lead badass. We came close to this with her role as Detective Jocelyn “Joss” Carter

on the CBS television show “Person of Interest,” (the show just wasn’t the same when she left, right?), but not to the extent we will be clearly seeing her in the beginning of 2018, when the film premieres. Add to that, the fact that Henson is an African-American woman in her late 40s (looking darn good by the way) and you’ve got a melting pot of Hollywood progressing on the path of diversity and inclusion in mainstream film.

I’m curious to see what the dynamics will be within the film. Will her race and identity as a Black woman be fully addressed in the movie? Does it even need to be?

If the trailer is any indication, this movie looks like it will be loads of fun and excitement. Are you excited?


A modified version of this write up appeared on FanBlog.

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